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Creating a Synthetic Biology Software Commons

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Boston MA

Digital Rings

Open Source
Bio-Design Automation

The Nona Foundation, inc. was created to broaden participation, increase access, and advance innovation in the design, distribution, documentation, maintenance, and use of open source software and tools in the fields of Synthetic Biology and Bio-Design Automation

Join us for our first event, NonaWorks. We aim to educate about the interdisciplinary nature of Synthetic Biology through a 4 day Bio-Oriented Hackathon.

Day 1

Kickoff and Ideation

Day 2

Development and Mentoring

Day 3

Presentation Preparation

Day 4

Presentation Day

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Software x Biology Hackathon 

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Concerned about quality? The Nona community cares deeply about maintenance and improvement of software tools.


Nona’s software helps advance healthcare, energy production, and environmental protection.


Curious about synthetic biology software? Nona has educational videos, research whitepapers, community events, and more.


Looking for software? Nona’s online hub aggregates software created by world class institutions.

We educate developers to adopt robust coding standards, modularity, and clear concise documentation. Nona’s Synthetic Biology software follows


Specification → Design → Build → Test

This pattern is prevalent in other rigorous engineering disciplines:

Software Philosophy

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