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Thanks to our Sponsors

Welcome to our company's sponsorship page! We are proud to acknowledge the invaluable support and contributions from our esteemed sponsors. Their unwavering commitment to our vision has played a vital role in advancing biotech automation and revolutionizing the industry. It is because of their generosity and expertise that we have been able to create an extensive database of cutting-edge open-source Synthetic Biology tools. Without the support of our sponsors, this remarkable achievement would not have been possible. We express our deepest gratitude to them for their partnership and their belief in our mission to drive innovation in biotechnology. Join us in recognizing and celebrating our sponsors, who have truly become catalysts for progress in this exciting field.
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We would also like to thank the NSF for supporting NonaTalks and NonaWorks to help fuel Synthetic Biology research.

Become a Sponsor

Attention potential sponsors! We invite you to become a vital part of our journey towards shaping the future of biotech automation. By becoming a sponsor, you can align your brand with groundbreaking innovation and cutting-edge technology in the biotech industry. Your support will not only enable us to expand our database of Synthetic Biology tools but also contribute to the advancement of scientific discovery and improved healthcare solutions. 

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